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Managing a large
property portfolio
at Solid Luxury

Solid Luxury Lodges and Cottages is a holiday let business with over 60 properties across Scotland.

Find out how TravelNest has streamlined the day-to-day operations of this large property business and boosted bookings.

About Solid Luxury

  • Solid Luxury started out as a family business in the 1990s with four lodges located at Balmeadowside in Fife, Scotland.
  • Since then, the business has grown to incorporate a large portfolio of 68 luxury properties (most with hot tubs!) across six Scottish locations in Angus, Perthshire, Dumfries and Galloway and Fife.
  • Solid Luxury is a family business headed up by Julie, who employs a team of 25 people. Emma is in charge of marketing and handles bookings on a day-to-day basis.

The challenges

The Solid Luxury business has grown quickly, and with that came a great deal of additional complexity for Julie and her team. There was constant pressure to ensure all the properties were consistently booked throughout the year to maximise revenue.  

Before using TravelNest we managed all our listings ourselves, but as our property numbers increased, doing this on all the different channels was becoming impossible to manage. We found it really hard.
EmmaSolid Luxury Lodges and Cottages

The Solid Luxury team wanted to find a way to reduce unsold dates across their portfolio, but in a way which didn’t require such a huge amount of personal effort and time. In the past, they listed on a number of channels but their properties lacked visibility.

How TravelNest helped

Since moving their property portfolio to TravelNest in 2015, the running of the business has become much easier for the Solid Luxury team. Thanks to TravelNest, the approach to managing multiple properties has become far more streamlined allowing Solid Luxury to focus on what they do best - providing guests with a luxury holiday experience.  

Through TravelNest, Solid Luxury properties are now listed on Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia, HomeAway and TUI. This increased visibility attracts significantly more guests, with many more bookings now coming from channels managed through TravelNest.

"I would definitely recommend TravelNest. Once you’ve uploaded your details your properties get pushed out to lots of different channels, and you don’t have to worry about it. What’s more, you only pay when you get bookings."

Emma - Solid Luxury Lodges and Cottages

Product features make life easier

One property profile

In the past, each property had multiple listings across different channels. It was a time-consuming task keeping them all up-to-date. TravelNest provides one place where all the details on each property are held. Any time the team need to make a change, they simply update TravelNest, and these are pushed out to their chosen channels at the touch of a button.

A single calendar for all channels

TravelNest takes the pain out of calendar management for the Solid Luxury team. It is critical that properties are not double-booked so the ability to synchronise calendars across all channels that update with every new booking is extremely valuable. It saves the team a lot of hassle and worry.

Since using TravelNest, we’ve got so much more time to focus on the customer experience. Using TravelNest gives us back precious time that we can spend on our guests - that’s been critically important.
JulieSolid Luxury Lodges and Cottages

Find out more

Download the case study PDF on managing a large property portfolio at Solid Luxury Lodges and Cottages.

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